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Altered Clothing Spree?

A relative gave us some hand me downs clothing and Meimei adores the new colourful oshkosh tees. But one of them is 2T and too small for her. She wore it as jammies last night and the tee went above … Continue reading

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More Handmade Goodies

In retrospect, I made quite a few items lately. 1.) Latest item. A box pencil case for Baobao’s kindergarten teacher this coming Teacher’s Day. 2.) Two random coin pouches. Before I could list them, my mom has chop-ed the one … Continue reading

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Altered pants

I have this pair of  pants which is at an awkward length. Right above the angle. Quite orbit. I seldom wore it already. But couple months ago, due to my weight gain, I had no choice but to wear it … Continue reading

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A New Page for Baobao’s Drawings..

I have just added a new page on this blog to feature Baobao’s drawings.    

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很久没唱歌了,孩子不给唱。今天趁两个上学偷唱,偷录一首林志炫的“说不出的告别。除了陶喆,最爱就是他了。 点这里。 听听看好听吗。。以前有做梦当歌星过。。 当不成歌星不要紧(不然,还想怎样?) 唱歌还是很享受的事情。。每次有机会唱还是很喜欢。 (看我tag这个post “口水歌”。 if 有人会search “口水歌“。 地球另一端。。。。 “哎呀,今天的天气酱美,真想听一听口水歌。来搜一搜看吧。。。哈哈, as if 有人会upload and tag “口水歌“。 “咦,真的有喔?!)

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Of Dowagers, Queens, Princes and Princesses….

We bought Koko Krunch and Popo made a royal family out of the box.

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Handmade Ipad2 Case

My father is really tuned into the internet, just like Twinsmom and I are. Last year my brother bought him an old pc retired at his workplace. He used it for surfing and my mother reported he spends alot of … Continue reading

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