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Batevsille, Indiana, USA – Oakmont Aparments

It’s been a little over a year since we returned from the US from our 2 months stay but the beautiful memories remain with us. (Some blogs here) I had wanted to share these pictures a long time ago. There … Continue reading

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很久没唱歌了,孩子不给唱。今天趁两个上学偷唱,偷录一首林志炫的“说不出的告别。除了陶喆,最爱就是他了。 点这里。 听听看好听吗。。以前有做梦当歌星过。。 当不成歌星不要紧(不然,还想怎样?) 唱歌还是很享受的事情。。每次有机会唱还是很喜欢。 (看我tag这个post “口水歌”。 if 有人会search “口水歌“。 地球另一端。。。。 “哎呀,今天的天气酱美,真想听一听口水歌。来搜一搜看吧。。。哈哈, as if 有人会upload and tag “口水歌“。 “咦,真的有喔?!)

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Melaka Trip Jul 2011

We made a whirlwind trip of 2 days to Melaka on 2 Jul 2011. Here are some pictures from Day 1. We took a 8:45am bus from Beach Road , Singapore and arrived at Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal at 3:00 … Continue reading

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妹妹今天第一天上豆豆班。她非但没有哭,还非常喜欢! 早知道早点让她去。短短两个钟头,可以学不少东西。以下是一些照片,还有她向爸爸报告的视频。

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There was a time..

This was the state of my living room when Meimei was about 6 months old…I took it because it was ultra messy on that day. However, when I stumbled upon this pic the other day, I kind of miss the … Continue reading

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Depressing Filing Experience

Do I qualify as a filing clerk? 🙂 Just spent the afternoon springcleaning my files. Hubby has been doing the filing recently. I felt a sense of insecurity when I had to ask him where to find our marriage certificate. … Continue reading

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Years of Dairies

It’s the Chinese New Year looming and we are packing again. The husband pulled out one big box measuring 1m x 50cm x 50cm, and forced me to look into it. Opened up and ran through it. I told him, … Continue reading

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