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Batevsille, Indiana, USA – Oakmont Aparments

It’s been a little over a year since we returned from the US from our 2 months stay but the beautiful memories remain with us. (Some blogs here) I had wanted to share these pictures a long time ago. There … Continue reading

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早上给孩子们换衣服上学。先帮妹妹换衣服。给她穿小内裤,她看着我问, “哈?” “什么事?”我问。 哎哟,拿错了哥哥的spongebob 给她。 **** 国庆日那天要到总统府野餐,一并参加画画比赛。我们在狮城大厦在外面坐着,等爸爸买饮料。宝宝拾到一粒黑色的气球,玩起来。 我可能心里一直想着爸爸要去买饮料。宝宝的气球弄到我,不舒服。 我说, “ay, 不要玩那个瓶子!” “哈?”宝宝看着我。“什么瓶子?” “哦,是气球..” *** 回家在地铁上看报纸。在看一则故事,关于Sakae Sushi 的老板如何对孩子灌输节俭的美德。他说带他们到四川帮忙受地震影响的孩子。他的孩子们回国之后,都知道要珍惜他们拥有的,吃饭也不象从前爱剩饭,都会吃完。。。 读到这里,又被两个嬉笑的孩子干扰我,一时性急,骂了他们一句, “妹!快点吃饭!”  孩子们看着我。 “哈?”    

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Melaka Trip Jul 2011

We made a whirlwind trip of 2 days to Melaka on 2 Jul 2011. Here are some pictures from Day 1. We took a 8:45am bus from Beach Road , Singapore and arrived at Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal at 3:00 … Continue reading

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Malaysian Trip Jun 2011 – Park

Twinsmom recommended us this green park in Shah Alam. When we got there, we took a bus in and went one round. Eventually decided to visit the small animal park. It was a small place with some animals, rabbits, deers, … Continue reading

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Malaysian trip Jun 2011 – Sunway Pyramid

So we have been at my mom’s place for a while now. But we do not go out much. Last weekend we went to Sunway Pyramid for a walk. I played a round at The Stars Achery, the kids played … Continue reading

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A restaurant

After visiting the RSAF Open House last weekend, we went to a place to cure our hunger. This is Food Republic foodcourt at Nex. It’s a foodcourt!  Isn’t the decor lovely? It was here that inspired me to a vintage … Continue reading

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Singapore Flyer on Mother’s Day 2011

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