Sudden Stampede on my Etsy Shop

I’m quite new to business thingy. I’m trying to learn as much as I can how to best sell my items online.

For the past two months, while figuring things out, it was very quiet on my shop front. I did a few things to it, like putting in new pictures for old items, list more items, etc.

Then, suddenly, out of nowhere on Friday, a few sales came in in a row. And then it becomes all quiet again after that.

For those two days, I suspect it was these stickers :-

masking tape stickers, vibrant colourmasking tape stickers, vibrant colour

They were flying off the shelves! And when they did, they pulled off some other items with them. Great. Alas, I had only three sets. But weirdly, only these sold. I have one other set in pastel and they don’t sell at all.

Now don’t they look pretty too…? I wonder. I guess it’s gonna take me some time to figure out this consumer psychology thing.

Visit my etsy shop for sewing labels and embellishments.
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