Revamping my Blogshop

I have not visited my blogshop for a long time. And how Bloggers have improved!

They now have many templates to choose from. and AT LAST – they have stats!!!!

Wow… took them so long.

Anyway, I have played around and came up with a really really simple new layout this time.

And I love it so much. I got my inspiration from shimsandsons and another blogger. I think this is the perfect layout for my photos. In the past I was distracted by the fancy fonts and images. I wanted to add images everywhere, fancy backgrounds and fonts. Do you know it’s so hard to use white spaces as a part of style. Sally really influences me alot in that sense. 

And then I realised, when I use this new style, it’s the perfect look I was looking for. Hop over and check it out! Some more got paypal button. I already have in mind how I can set things up so that it all appear like a webshop.

Only the Euro flags and xmas tape have been updated with the new style. The rest will be done progressively. “Prooooooogreeeeeessiiiiively ” *wink*

I wanted to set up the blogshop again and then maybe form a new page on Facebook. Aiks, to tell the truth, my marketing engine is creaking with rust like crazy. I’ve been such a mountain tortoise I wonder if I know how to interact with people anymore.

So everything is only a setup. The listings on etsy and the blogshop. It’s really the marketing that will finally sell. Then it will show if I can manage the whole business thing, or am only good at setting up the shell. heh. If it finally proves I’m only good at setting up webpages, these will be musuems and I guess I will go back to work again.

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